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CBD Lip Balm: A Natural Way to Avoid Dry, Chapped, or Flaky Lips

Skin hydration is one of the few essential elements that people talk about. However, there is one area of the skin that naturally doesn’t produce natural oils⸻ for lips. Did you know that your body has around 15 protective layers while your mouth has only four? So, they often end up being dry or flaky. While the market is full of lip balms, their primary aim is to improve moisture. That’s where CBD lip balm comes into the picture.

With the expansion of CBD skincare products, it won’t be wrong to say that CBD lip balm is one of the hottest trends at this moment. Unlike the conventional lip balms available in the market, you can get access to some of the most potent properties if you opt for this option. 

Do you want to know how beneficial it is? Let’s find out!

CBD Lip Balm Benefits: How is it helpful?

Everyone is quite familiar with the benefits that CBD offers. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, antibacterial, and many other similar properties. These properties make it even more beneficial for skin conditions as well. 

In fact, a study suggested that CBD acts as a protectant because of its antibacterial properties. Thus, it’s pretty helpful in reducing the incidences of infection, discomfort, and other skin-related issues. In other words, it helps to keep lips healthy and shields them from exposure to varying temperatures or weather conditions.

Moreover, these options are often packed with compositions like Vitamin A, C, E, which help you achieve glowing lips or fight the ageing process. 

But how does CBD lip balm work?

The cannabinoid CBD along with the moisturizing ingredients, adds moisture back to the dehydrated skin. Many research studies confirm that skin contains cannabinoid receptors. So, CBD enters the skin and provides immediate relief locally. 

The best part is that it doesn’t enter the bloodstream or other parts of the body to exert its effects. While the interaction is subtle, the after-effects are pretty powerful. Thus, it helps to improve redness or irritation and provides a soothing effect in case of any discomfort.

In other words, it maintains homeostasis by interacting with a complex network of neurotransmitters. By doing so, it protects the skin from a variety of factors like the external environment. 

Now let’s move on to the best CBD lip balm benefits and see how it will be helpful to you!

Benefits of CBD Lip Balm:

It acts as a powerful stabilizing agent: 

CBD is known for its potent antibacterial property. Since our body contains many unstable cells, which further harm the healthy cells, using this will allow you to neutralize free radicals. Thus, it helps protect our lips by reducing the chances of infection, bacteria, or irritation.

It keeps your lips plump: 

Everyone dreams of having plump lips now. It’s more like a beauty trend, irrespective of your gender. I guess you might admit that having a brighter smile is one of the best things to have if you want to meet someone. 

It helps with the “good” first impressions. With this option, you can naturally enhance your lip’s beauty and avoid those costly painful injections. Plus, it helps to seal the moisture, which further enhances your lips’ plumpness. 

It protects the lips from sun damage: 

Lips contain relatively thin skin layers. So, it doesn’t protect the area against sun rays, especially if you are at the beach or ski slopes. 

Therefore, making them susceptible to premature ageing, cracking, or colour pigmentation. But with CBD, you can vitalize lips by healing the skin. Also, other ingredients like vitamins and omega-3 & 6 fatty acids help revitalize the skin.

It enhances anti-inflammatory functions: 

Everyone knows that sun damage and environmental factors make the lips chapped, burn them, making them tingle. However, CBD helps with pain relief by promoting healthy inflammatory action. It calms the uncomfortable pain, which makes your lips much more beneficial.

It moisturizes lips deeply: 

As we mentioned before, lips don’t produce oil because of the absence of glands. So, it is entirely on us regarding moisturization or protection. CBD hydrates this skin portion and locks in the moisture. 

While the benefits are many, many must still wonder if you can get high using this product. 

Even if this product contains THC in trace amounts, it won’t produce any mind-altering effects. It can never get you high in the first place. 

Further, if you ponder the thought “CBD lip balm for calmness,” you are again mistaken. Since it is a topical CBD product, it will never help you achieve such effects. Topicals only help with physical benefits like health inflammatory effects or pain relief. 

How to choose the suitable CBD lip balm for yourself?

If you browse online sites, you will find CBD lip balm anywhere between 5-200 mg of CBD. For instance, you’ll go for 5-25 mg lip balm. It won’t help much with moisturization. So, opt for the options with higher CBD content to improve the appearance of your lips. 

Ideally, it would be best if you opted for Full-spectrum CBD lip balms instead of isolate. It will work with a synergy effect and help your lips with the benefits mentioned above with efficiency. Further, make sure to buy products from reliable sources to avoid any issues later. 

Final Takeaways

CBD lip balm might seem like the newest product now. It is already creating a buzz in the market. And with lip balm one of the essential accessories, this option will certainly be a go-to solution for many. CBD-infused products are the natural way of enhancing the appearance of your lips while keeping them hydrated for a more extended period. 

However, the intensity of the effects is still unknown since every individual behaves differently with this cannabinoid. This is why one needs to opt for choices that contain a mix of various ingredients essential to keep the plumpness of lips.

So, are you still stuck with the conventional options? Or will you switch to this natural therapy for your lips?