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      We are based in Southwest England. We exclusively deal in organic CBD oils from Milagro and have our dedicated store in Devon. Milagro is a well-known brand dealing in CBD products UK, including CBD oils, CBD face creams, and CBD healing balms. The company is on a mission to deliver the highest quality genuine organic CBD products. It is based out of Ireland, and all the products feature organically grown hemp sourced from Spain. The full spectrum distilled CBD oils from Milagro contain all the beneficial plant compounds. So, you can experience the entourage effect, the full benefits of the hemp plant. All of our CBD oils go through a distillation process and are extracted with a cold-pressed method. This ensures that you enjoy the maximum potency of the phytocannabinoids every time you buy one of our products. We bring the Milagro brand to Devon & Cornwall with the intention of allowing our customers to enjoy the best CBD oil UK and all of its health and wellness benefits.

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